Why to conserve butterflies ?

Found in variety of habitats
Adds beauty to their surroundings
Excellent indicators of biodiversity and ecosystem health
Significant plant pollinators
Food sources for predators like birds, reptiles, spiders and predatory insects
Important subject for genetic research
Conserving butterfly means conserving those particular eco-systems

Threats to butterflies

Increased human population followed by over exploitation of forests, urbanization, clearing of forests for industrialization
Air pollution
Overgrazing in forest areas
Monoculture and planting of exotics in forestry
Use of pesticides in agricultural operation
Illegal trade of butterfly
Using forest areas for non-forestry purposes like mining, making large dams and reservoirs, construction of roads etc.

Butterfly Diversity of WB

World has 17000+ different species of butterfly
India has 1500+ species of butterfly
Combining the butterfly checklist available from 1880's to the present date the total no of species have already been found to cross 450.
Comparison with the butterfly fauna of the neighbouring state, SIKKIM indicates that the total nos of species may probably reach close to 600.
In WB, one can find the largest butterfly of India , the Common Birdwing
(Wingspan - upto 19cm) and also the smallest of the World, the Grass
Jewel (Wingspan - 1.5 to 2.2cm)
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