Conservation Schemes
The Wildlife Wing is implementing various State Plan Schemes, Centrally Sponsored Schemes for conservation of wildlife and their habitat in the State. The various Schemes and Projects implemented by this Wing is as following:

State Plan Schemes: Every year fund is received under this scheme for creation and maintenance of plantations, forest protection, timber operation, control of poaching, wildlife conservation in various National Parks and Sanctuaries, infrastructure development and publicity. For CSS-Project Tiger, 50% share of the State is contributed from this scheme.

National Parks & Sanctuaries Schemes: This is 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme for development of different national parks and sanctuaries in this State. The fund is being provided for habitat development, protection, infrastructure development, Research and Monitoring, awareness generation and eco-development.

Project Tiger: This scheme is implemented in Buxa Tiger Reserve and Sundarban Tiger Reserve. Govt. of India provides 100% funds for non-recurring expenditures and 50% for recurring expenditures. The State Govt. contributes 50% of the fund from State Plan for recurring expenditures.

Project Elephant: This is 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme for conservation of wild elephant population in the State. The fund is provided for habitat development, infrastructure development, protection, reducing man-elephant conflict and awareness generation specially in Eastern Dooars Elephant Reserve and Mayurjharna Elephant Reserve.

Establishment of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve: This is 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme for plantation, protecting eco-development activities of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve.

Conservation and Management of Sundarban Mangroves: This is 100% Centrally sponsored Scheme for Conservation and Management of mangroves in Sundarbans and includes mangrove plantation, protection infrastructure support and eco-development works.

Conservation and Management of Wetlands: This is a new scheme for Wetland Conservation and is 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme. In this state three wetlands - Ahiron Beel, Rasik Beel and Santragachi Jheel has been identified for funding by Govt. of India. In addition to Sundarbans the scheme includes wetland conservation and eco restoration measures and eco-development activities.

Integrated Forest Protection Scheme: This is a new scheme for protection of forests, fire management and Infrastructure development in the State with 75% funding from Govt. of India and 25% contribution by the State Govt.

Forest Development Agencies: The Govt. of India has launched National Afforestation Programme in the 10 th Five Year Plan and for implementation of this programme decentralized mechanism of Forest Development Agencies at the District level and Joint Forest Management Committee at the Village level. FDA has been formed in the Cooch Behar Division for funding under this scheme.

Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF): Rural Infrastructure Development fund as loan from NABARD is being utilized for undertaking various developmental works for the development of Infrastructure especially for the communities residing in and around the forest.
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