Red Panda Conservation
The Project Red Panda was started by Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Darjeeling primarily for ex-situ conservation of Red Panda under Global Red Panda Management Plan in 1990. The project was started with 6 nos. of Red Pandas received from various zoos all over the world. It aimed with systematic breeding of Red Panda in captivity after identifying the genotype and subsequently releasing them in the forest under in-situ Management Programme.

Consequently, on 15 th August 2003, the first batch of two Red Pandas were released in the soft release center at Gairibas and finally were released in the wild on 14 th Nov.2003. Out of these one Red Panda namely, "Mini" was predated upon while the other one namely "Sweety" has bred in the wild with the local population. This has been the most positive aspect of Project Red Panda. Again in 2004, two Red Pandas were released in the wild under the similar methodology. Thus this Park has contributed four Red Pandas, for establishing variations on gene pool in the wild population of Singalila National Park.
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