Zoo of West Bengal
"Zoo" means an establishment, whether stationary or mobile, where captive animals are kept for exhibition to the public and includes a circus and rescue centers but does not include an establishment of a licensed dealer in captive animals.

Most of us would have visited zoos at one point of time or another, usually during our childhood - with parents or as part of our school programmes. Many people think of a zoo as a place for relaxation, entertainment, a place to have a fun.

Although the initial purpose of zoos was entertainment, over the decades, zoos have got transformed into centres for wildlife conservation and environmental education.

Zoos in West Bengal
Government Zoos

1. Adina Deer Park
2.  Alipur Zoological Garden                                       
3.  Garchumuk Mini Zoo
4. Jhargram Deer Park
5.  Kumari-Kangsabati Deer Park
6. Kunjanagore Eco Park
7. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park
8.  Surulia Mini Zoo, Purulia
9. Ramnabagan Mini Zoo, Burdwan
10. Rasikbeel Mini Zoo
11. South Khairbari Leopard Safari & Rehabilitation Centre

Private Zoos

1. Calcutta Snake Park
2. Marble Palace Zoo
3. Nature Park at Taratala
4. Pugmarks-PFA Santiniketan Rescue Centre
5. West Bengal Snake Park & Laboratory
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