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Senchal Game Sanctuary. established in 1915 is the oldest of such sanctuaries in the country. Total area of the sanctuary is 38.60 The sanctuary is under control of the Divisional Forest Officer Wildlife Division -I. The area was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary vide. notification No.5380-For, dated 24-6-76 . It is situated between 1,500m. to over 2,600m elevation. This sanctuary forms the main water supply source for Darjeeling town.

The sanctuary. is a compact block of both natural and man-made forests, the latter comprising more than 60% of the total area. Between 2,000m to 2,400m oaks occupy the top canopy. Other important species are Kapasi, Katus, Kawla, Champ, etc.
Mating bamboo and numerous varieties of ferns etc. comprise the undergrowth. Above 2,400m Ghoge Champ &: Rhododendrons are found. Sub-tropical flora is found 'between 1,500m to 2,000m with Castanopsis indica, Meli­osma wallichii, Machilus edulis, Pipli, Alnus nepal­ensis, Prunus nepaulensis predominating. . First plantations were raised here way back in 1892. The plantations are stocked with Dhupi (Cryp­tomeria japonica) mixed with Arupate, Pipli, Cha­ mp, Kapasi, Buk, Saur, Kawla, Utis, etc. Scat­tered plantations of Hemlock (Tsuga brunoniana) and pure plantations of Dhupi also occur.

Barking deer and wild pigs are distributed all over the sanctuary. Goral and serow occupy the undisturbed valleys and steep ridges while the Himalayan Black Bear comes down from higher' elevations elsewhere and stay during autumn and to winter. .Leopard, jungle cat & leopard cat occur in lower elevations.Common Rhesus,Assamese Macaque, Indian civet, Himalayan Flying Squirrel, Scaly Ant-eater,
Himalayan Jackal and Wild Dog are found here. The area is rich in bird life. Large yellow naped wood-pecker, Tickel's Golden back Wood pecker, Emerald Cuckoos, Black-backed KhaJij Pheasant, Red Jungle Fowl, Hornbills, Imperial Pige­ons, Green, Pigeons, Thrushes, Babblers, Sunbirds etc. are found.


The sanctuary is 11 km. away from Darjeeling Town near Jorebungalqw. Tiger Hill located in the sanctuary is famous for the view of the glorious sunrise. There are tourist lodges and the Rambi Forest Rest House inside the sanctuary.
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