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Research on natural and social aspect is essential for PA management. Management practices of P.As has vast scope of incorporation of research findings on aspects such as diverse types of flora & fauna, status of endangered & endemic species, elephants behaviour, socio-economic issues, etc. Research works, which has been carried out by various agencies in different P.As is listed below.

Research on wildlife
Research activities under Wildlife Wing can be categorized into the following:
a) In-house or Departmental Research
b) Collaborative Research
c) Contract study
d) Research Advisory Committee of Wildlife Wing

a) Departmental Research: There are two permanent posts of Research officers in Wildlife Wing, one each in Buxa Tiger Reserve and Sundarban Tiger Reserve. They are engaged in in-house studies on some aspects of Wildlife habits, habitat status etc. However, in view of the limited infrastructure and expertise available, scope of such Research activities is limited.

b) Collaborative Research: Being aware about the lack of in-house research support to Wildlife management, Wildlife Wing have inducted local universities, institutions and Non-govt. organizations (NGO) during the last 3 years to undertake collaborative studies on ecosystems and identified endangered spp. Such studies include:

(i) Study on Red Panda & Satyr Tragopan in Singhalila National Park in collaboration with Darjeeling Govt. College ,
(ii) Study of Bio-ecological Resources of Neora Valley National Park in collaboration with North Bengal university,
(iii) Food-preference study of Rhino in Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary in collaboration with Raiganj university college,
(iv) Survey of floral & faunal Resources of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary in collaboration with Nature, vironment and Wildlife Society (NEWS),
(v) Entomological studies in Buxa Tiger Reserve in collaboration with Calcutta University . These studies were sponsored by Govt. of India under centrally sponsored schemes. Other collaborative studies taken up under West Bengal Forestry Project (IDA-assisted) include

(i) study on gaur (Indian Bison) by Worldwide Fund for Nature India (WWF)
(ii) study on control of illegal trade in wildlife by Wildlife Protection Society
(iii) study on control of tiger straying in Sundarbans in collaboration with NEWS
(iv) survey of avi-fauna & water quality monitoring in identified wetlands of West Bengal . Most of the above collaborative Researches are expected to be completed by March'97.

c) Contract studies/Research Programmes: Contract studies/Research Programmes have been initiated under the Wildlife & Biodiversity component of West Bengal Forestry Project from the year 95-96. These include

(i) contract study on elephants through Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun,
(ii) Contract study on leopard through Worldwide Fund for Nature , India .
(iii) Contract study on Rhino through Wildlife Institute of India, Dehra Dun and
(iv) Contract study on Wetlands through Institute of Wetland management & ecological design. These studies are expected to be completed by March'97.

d) Research Advisory Committee of Wildlife Wing : As per Section 28 of Chapter IV of wildlife protection act 2002, the Chief Wildlife Warden may on application allow permit institution to conduct research study in protected areas.
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